19. - 21. Mai 2016

Location Olympiaworld Innsbruck

A climbing highlight for eyes

The Olympiaworld Innsbruck will be the unique venue for the IFSC Bouldering Worldcup in 2016.  The Olympic Hall has been reconstructed and expanded for a modern and multifunctional use. The adjustment to the modern infrastructural and technical requirements of events of any kind or size was the goal of the general reconstruction.

The Olympiaworld in Innsbruck fits perfectly to the requirements of concerts, shows, TV-broadcasts, fairs or sports events like the IFSC Bouldering Worldcup, which will find it´s perfect frame here.

And ears

Organising an event is one thing. The goal is to feel it. The entertainment duo Florian and Tobias Rudig, known as ROODIXX, will make sure that there is a perfect atmosphere in word and sound at the IFSC Bouldering Worldcup in Innsbruck.

Following their motto “The event as an experience”, they turn the Worldcup in Innsbruck into a highlight on the tour. At the Euro 2010 & 2015, the trend setters in terms of major international events were already part of the team, by now they are an integral part of the Innsbruck climbing family. With a perfect mix of good info, great beats for the athletes and the spectators, and the right instinct for special moments, ROODIXX offers a perfect package for the bouldering highlight of the year.